Martin Schäufler and CHARINUA best Bavarian team in Grand Prix of Wiener Neustadt

The Grand Prix of Wiener Neustadt marked the culmination of the first week of the „Lake Arena Equestrian Summer Circuit.“ Six Bavarian riders qualified for the finale of the Big Tour, the Grand Prix of Wiener Neustadt. Only Martin Schäufler and CHARINUA remained error-free and made it into the jump-off. After a fast round, they only had to admit defeat to Davide Kainich (ITA) and Bronislav Chudyba (SVK).

Wolfgang Puschak on Edgar and Tobias Bachl with Cicera de la Vayrie were both frustrated about a respective drop. However, Wolfgang Puschak made it into the rankings (eleventh place) as the fastest four-fault ride and thus collected points for the World Ranking. Tobi Bachl landed in the unrewarding Reserve I spot.